Create a Brady Band that is uniquely you!

Making your own custom creation is fun and easy. Just follow the instructions below to get started.

How it Works

Step 1

Get together all the ideas you have for your custom headband. It could be a pattern, PMS colors, a logo, photos, etc.. The more information you provide in this step the better your headband will be.

Step 2

Send your custom request including all files and ideas gathered in step one, contact information,  and desired quantity to us at

Step 3

We will put together some design mock ups for you to review. If changes are needed we will make edits and send out revisions. Once you have chosen your design we will invoice you and start your order.


Q: Where do I start?

A: Simply contact us by email at with your ideas. We will get started on some design mock ups and send them to you for your approval.

  Q: Are there any quantity minimums?

A: There are no minimums for custom headbands. Price is dependent on the quantity ordered. Larger orders will require more time for processing. Pricing tiers are as follows.

new custom pricing

Q: Is there a limit on revisions?

We want you to be happy with your creation so we will work back and forth with you to make sure your headband is perfect. After two revisions there may be an additional design fee.

Q: Can you print my logo/school mascot/etc. on my custom headband?

We are happy to add any thing you like to your headband as long as there are no copyright or licensing issues. If you own the image, no problem. If the image is owned by someone else, ensure that you are allowed to use the image by getting written approval first. Please include any image approvals when submitting your design. If you would like your logo included please send it in one of the following formats: Adobe Illustrator, ESP, or vector format. Other formats such as PNG or JPG may not be ask clear due to resizing.

Q: Can you perfect match my uniform/costume/colors/etc.?

We will do our best to match your headband for you. To help us do so please be as detailed as possible. Include pantone colors or unedited photos of the item you would like to match when submitting your request.

Q: I love my custom headband. How can I order more?

We save your artwork for at least a year after creation. If you would like more headbands made just email us with your contact information and quantity. If it has been longer than a year we can still help. If we don’t have your art on file we would be happy to recreate it for you.

Start Your Design