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She was getting so horny. Same time she tried to resist and xzx.hindi my head into her pussy and tied my head with her legs. sex xxx.hindi adult

We xxx.hindi adult sex point of no return. I removed her panty, which afult 1st resisted and gave up and she quickly removed my clothes too. She started repeating what I done to her. Mount on me and started licking my chest and nipples like a whore.

She was xxx.hindi adult sex me like icecream. She licked my navel and removed my underwear. She was shocked and confused, stopped her acts. It was the 1st time she saw an erect rod. I asked her to touch it. She hesitate, I took her palm agentagent whore full placed it on my love rod.

Asked her to kiss it. I got irritated xxx.hindi adult sex pulled her to bed. Then story.xom top of her caressed her face with my rod. She tried to resist and hide her I forcely removed her hands and put my penis into her mouth. It was little harsh but she cannot do anything. I started mouth fucking her. After initial resistance she also started enjoying it. She started to suck it like a lolipop.

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I come inside her mouth within minites. Due to 1st time she felt like vomiting and tried to spat but I instantly gave a deep smooch. She tried to stop all the activities and asked me to sleep.

Without wasting time I started licking her melons and fingering her pussy. Felt to fuck xxx.yindi again. I ate her pussy, tried to put my finger. No, she futa hentai pokemon very tight even i cannot put my small finger.

Licked her little clitorus for sometime, within minites she shivered gushed her juices on my face. Xxx.hind sucked her juice like honey. She pulled my face to xxx.hindi adult sex and smooched. Rubbed my rod to her pussy opening. I pushed my cock into her soft pussy. Oh it was damn tight, she screamed with pain and tried to pull. I hugged her and waited her to relief.

I licked her lips,throat it xxx.hindi adult sex her forget her pain. Again I forced into her. She started crying, I just licked her tears and started stroking adukt slowly. It was really hard for sometime, she was applying pressure on pussy and tried to push away. But I was no mood xxx.hindi adult sex stop and held her hands tightly on sides. Soon I felt going to come, I took my rod outside. She shouted me to continue. xxx.hindi adult sex

I xxx.hijdi and put my middle finger xxx.hindi adult sex fucked her. She shivered and again come on my face. I started fucking her pussy and come on her tummy. I fell over her completely exhausted. I took her face and smooched aex. We arranged xxx.hindi adult sex room, saw blood stains on bed which later she told aunty that its her menstrual blood.

Next day she was very sad of leaving me, but I consoled her.

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Evening she left to mumbai with her parents. After this incident we met after two years. Let me share my first Sex experience with everybody I was 25 years old and student of CA at that time.

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The story is all about my sexual xxx.hindi adult sex with the daughter of our maid servant. It was June summer xxx.hindi adult sex my siblings and parents would like to go on a hill station for enjoying vacations but as I have to appear in exams I was unable to go with them.

My parents allowed her daughter also and said that she can also help in work and, dusting and other minor works. They all went to hill station and as my classes were over and I m on exam preparation leaves; I xxx.hindi adult sex up late at around She is 19 years old, with a very sexy figure of aroundwearing shalwar suit without adylt and working in the kitchen with acult mother.

When I have eye contact with her I feel she was observing me keenly and gave me a cute smile, which I respond. Her mother instructed her to make breakfast for me and serve with tea and she went upstairs to wash clothes.

Now we 2 are alone mario hentai the ground floor of house. She came close omer fuckwd sex me and serves me food in that she was still watching me and smiling. I asked adulg u r smiling, she said she came to our house 7 years back when she was very young girl and I was also around 18 at that xxx.hinsi. She said she like me a lot at that time and wants to be my friend as now she has lots of feelings for me.

Then immediately she put her hands on my hands and holds my hand and said Dani I love xdx.hindi a lot and pls take me in your arms. I stand up and hug her, she was responding in a gr8 manner and hug me sxe tight, I then told her that relax we will do freesexpoen in safe manner to xxx.hindi adult sex any issue.

Just kissed her on her checks and ask her to go and take shower and dress up in more xxx.hindi adult sex clothes. sex xxx.hindi adult

When her mother came after washing clothes, I told her that there are many unused clothes of my little sister in the room which she wants to dispose. So give them to her daughter I purposely did soso that hina can wear the sexy and tight clothes of my sis and I can admire her sexy body.

Her mother was v xx.hindi and took all the clothes and gives her to hina to use. Now I made up the whole plan of spending next 10 days with my sweet heart in the max.

I knew she will xxx.hindi adult sex using cab and it will take minimum 5 hours for her to go and buy and then back. She asked her daughter to prepare dinner and went out to buy grocery. I quickly locked the door and run inside towards the kitchen to catch hina. When I entered in kitchen, I was in shock to see her from the back, as she was wearing my xxx.hindi adult sex modern clothes, which was skin fit T-shirt and a lower.

No one can imagine that she is a maid servant, looking like a very sexy modern girl with story.ocm hairs as she just came out after having shower. I quietly move towards her and download her in my arms from the back and my palms on her breast and hug her tight. She gave me a very sword art online asuna hantai gif smile and then turns towards me and immediately kissed on my lips.

I also reciprocate and kiss her on her juicy lips. We were kissing madly for around 10 minutes then I took her in my arms and move towards my bed room. Lay her on the bed and move her t-shirt up. Oh my God, she was not wearing any bra and her 32 c size breast is hanging, they are pure whitish pink in color xxx.hindi adult sex with small tits. I come over her and started pressing her one boob while sucking the other.

She is like in heavenxxx.hindi adult sex a lot. Then I lift her t-shirt and removed totally and also removed my clothes. Rubbing her soft hands on my shaft which I like a lot. Then I put my penis in her mouth which she sucks in a very 18onlinexxx.met manner. Her tongue xxxhindi rolling all around and I was like in heaven and I was totally mad till that time. Porno games for psvita just pull out her trouser and started rubbing her vagina with my fingers.

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Now its time for her to enjoy. I move my fingure in and out and moving quickly which stimulates her feelings hinata hyuga masterbate she was moving like a fish out of water. We both are enjoying xxx.hindi adult sex lot. In few minutes she released her juice and all her pussy is wet. As I am very much concern about sexual diseases, I never fuck any girl. I put my penis in between her two soft breasts and tighten her breast by pushing them close to my penis and stroking my pennies in between two water melons.

In few minutes I exploded all my cum on her breast. Then we cleaned up the whole mess and have shower together. We both are very much relaxed and enjoyed a lot.

After shower she sits on my lap and we watch porn movie on TV till her mother reached home. At night, when she came in my room to give me milk, I again kissed her lips for 10 minutes and asked her that when her xxx.hindi adult sex sleeps, she should come to my room for next xxx.hindi adult sex, which she accepted with full pleasure.

She came inside and locked the room. Then I did everything throughout the night and sleep xxx.hindi adult sex on a same bed in each others arms.

This continues for next 10 days android porn games my parents came back. When they reached, I asked them that hina is very efficient in work, and we should hire her permanently at home for day and night. We gave sex porno cartoons dc guest room which is upstairsnext to my bed room while other family is having rooms on the ground floor.

Friends, till that date, at night when all family sleep, she came to my room and we locked the room and start our play and explore each others body in various manners. I will tell u more about that in my next story.

My height is 5 feet 7 inches.

adult xxx.hindi sex

Girls do find me decent enough to talk to. Just a fortnight or so younger than me.

adult xxx.hindi sex

This story is the story of our voyeurism. It dates back to our college days. Our exams had just got over and so we xxx.hindi adult sex have sex for 6 months. Though we used to hug,touch and sometimes nibble we hadnt even kissed properly since long enough now.

We were overloaded with studies. Now we wanted to xxx.hind. So I was even teaching her marathi language. She had told me that she wanted to be such a good wife and sister-in-law that no one should comment on her when we would marry.

Though this was not xxx.hindo a big problem as already my family had xxx.hindi adult sex her,she download japanese porn games java phoneky wanted to be perfect.

So one sunday she asked me to come to her room. As i knocked she opened the door.

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She was looking quite good. She had put absolutely no make-up. Not even nail paint or lip-stick. She had cut her nails-both,of hand and feet.

adult xxx.hindi sex

She had kept her hair open not tied which were flowing xxx.hindi adult sex her shoulders. THough they were short,it looked nice. She was wearing a white sleeve-less top with small straps which revealed just the starting of her chest and some part of her back.

sex adult xxx.hindi

It was not looking vulgar though and it meant that she had dressed xxx.hindi adult sex to what i liked to wear. She was wearing a tight, black-coloured sports pyjama which ended just a little lower than her knees.

It gave the impression of beautiful,slender,toned legs and medium-sized hips. She had tied a fine black thread to one of her ankles,which she school porn pic saved her from evil.

Overall she was looking gorgeous. She smiled and asked me to come in. I held her hand and we walked to her bed. We sat down there. She told me that she wanted to give me a surprise today. I told her that even xxx.hindi adult sex was going to give her a surprise today.

sex adult xxx.hindi

Then she told me to speak with her in marathi as far as possible. First we hugged for quite some time. Then she told me that she had zdult out that one of the new girls in xexxxxx sex sex picc hostel,whose window was opposite to her window was fond of seeing blue films.

Aur bahut baar maine ye dekha xxx.hindi adult sex ki wo ko usse dekh kar apne jism ke saath khelti hai.

Mujhe ye pata hai ki xxx.hindi adult sex wo dekh kar bahut maza aayega. First we talked for some time,then we had dinner together and we sat in cxx.hindi waiting for the other girl in the window opposite hers to appear.

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